The World Book 2000 Millennium Edition
Work on The World Book 2000 Millennium Edition began in December of 1998. The development team included, IBM, World Book, Ivid, and JMC Studios. The JMC team wrapped up production on May 4, 1999. The CD-ROM was in stores by July 1.

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Splash Screen
Designer Kurt Heintz, produced the splash screen for the 2000 edition. JMC provided a variety of choices
Main Menu
The splash page theme was carried through the main menu and the buttons were arranged in three distinct columns.

Surf the Millennium
The special feature developed for the 2000 edition was Surf the Millennium. We started with the premise: "What if the web had existed throughout the ages" and let our imaginations loose. We explored the last 1000 years. Each century had it's own portal page with 5-7 web sites. 62 unique web sites were developed in 3 months.

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